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15 Trendy Korean Nail Art that Ruled the World | Nails Artist Behind BLACKPINK’s Playful Nails

Trendy Korean Nail Art artists are developing new styles, and people from every corner of the globe are adopting them. The Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest feed for Korean nail art is exploding. It isn’t easy to look away because it’s so lovely! We all know that Koreans are trendy, and their style is catching on worldwide, especially among K-Pop fans. You’ve seen your favorite K-Pop stars with some of the most unique and unusual nail art designs.

In 2016, the shattered-glass nail fad made many individuals aware of Korean nail art. Since then, there have been several new designs and artwork that have piqued our interest. Things come and go in fashion just like they do in every other realm of life. Trends shift with time as well; styles evolve. Here are some current Korean nail art trends for you to try!

What Is Korean Nail Art?

Korean nail art is a type of nail art that has become popular in recent years. It is characterized by its bold and colorful designs and often features intricate details.

Many people enjoy Korean nail art because it is both unique and stylish. Additionally, the vibrant colors used in Korean nail art can brighten up your look. If you’re interested in trying out this trend, many online tutorials can show you how to create some of the most popular designs.

Is Korean Nail Art Popular?

Yes, Korean nail art is popular. It’s creative, fun, and glamorous. It’s generally considered more creative and intricate than traditional American nail art, and it often features unique designs and vibrant colors. Many people enjoy getting Korean-inspired nails done for special occasions or fun!

What Is the Main Korean Nail Art Trend?

The leading Korean nail art trend is simple and minimalist designs. It includes features like a single color or minimal and delicate patterns. These designs are meant to be understated and elegant, and they are often seen in more formal settings. Of course, you can find more elaborate and playful designs in Korea, but simple and minimalist designs are a popular trend!

Does Jisoo BLACKPINK get her nails done?

Absolutely Yes! In the music video and teasers for BLACKPINK’s new English single “Ice Cream,” the girls have a variety of colorful nails. JiSoo was particularly eager to show hers off on Instagram. The caption of this photo read, “my favorite nail in the ice cream mv.”

You’ll also notice that the nails are coffin-shaped, lengthy with curved edges and a squared-off tip. They’re also printed in bright summer hues like red and white with extra glitter and stickers. JiSoo’s nails have various themes, including heart decals, a princess sticker, french tips, and checkered designs. These nails have a lot going on, but JiSoo made them appear elegant and enjoyable; if you want something simpler, try picking just one of the patterns. Red French tips represent the classic summer style!

Who is the Blackpink nail artist?

Park Eunkyung, a famous manicurist in South Korea and throughout the world, is known for her creative nail art and nail jewelry. Unistella is a trendsetting professional with a unique vision for her salon. She creates one-of-a-kind designs for Unistella and promotional shots with companies like Supreme, Chanel, and Vogue. And she is the person behind BLACKPINK’s fabulous nails! From their debut.

Park Eunkyung has also collaborated with BT21 members to create unique designs featuring Koya (RM), RJ (Jin), Cooky (Jungkook), Shooky (Suga), Chimmy (Jimin), Tata (V), and Mang (J-Hope). There’s no end to Park Eunkyung’s creativity, and she comes up with designs that fit not just BLACKPINK’s ideas but also the members’ personalities.

Korean Nails Trends We Can’t Stop Screenshotting

Syrup Nails

This style melts away gradually, just like a drop of syrup, from translucent or apparent to the color you choose. For a gradient effect, Choi advises painting thin coats. Apply a “fragile” layer of color below the cuticle and then build up layers of color below until the top of the nail (or vice versa, depending on which way you want it), which should be the darkest.

You don’t have to combine several hues to effectively use one color and the transparent finish for a seamless look. (Don’t forget your topcoat, either.)

Diamond Nails

The Diamond nails are the perfect look if you’re a fan of bling! You may use large rhinestones to create that gleaming, blingy appearance. Can also do it by arranging several tiny cellophane sheets together, making them appear like diamond facets. Overall, it has a more holographic appeal and provides you with an edgy appearance.

Futuristic Nails

Futuristic nail art is a term that refers to art that extends beyond nails. This nail art was inspired by satellite, by laser, by moon, a sculptural look of the future. More like clothing and architecture or art.

Tonal Nails

Tonal nails are a relatively new trend in nail art. They are created by painting your nails with two or more colors to create a tone-on-tone effect. Can do it by using two similar shades of the same color or different colors that create a harmonious color scheme.

People love the look of tonal nails because they are very understated and elegant. Can also use them to create fun and playful designs or match your outfit for special occasions. If you’re looking for a simple way to add an extra flair to your nails, tonal nails might be what you need!

Chunky Glitter Nails

Chunks are one of my favorite forms of glitter, as they’re more challenging to remove. Sandals, dogs, and soup are other examples where I think the chunkier, the better. The same can be said for glitters. After seeing all of Unistella’s color options for chunky glitter, I had to have the big dots on my nails. It turns out that it’s a popular trend in Korea. People are trying to use more glitters than large gems to secure them. Because glitter is flat on the nail and big gems might get caught up in things, it lasts longer.

Accent Crystal Nails

It’s time to reconsider your accent nail design. Accent nails are often adorned with glitter, stones, or jewelry. While not every finger receives the same design or accent, there is typically one add-on for each hand that adds a little extra of something different, such as the glitz mentioned above.

Smiley Faces Nails

Zico’s hit song “Any Song” has inspired a viral dance challenge and sparked a nail art fad. It’s also known as Any Nails, which includes drawings of smiles drawn with a marker. The items you’ll want to keep in your kit, no matter what, are: Uni-Posca Paint Markers, which may be found at a craft shop. You can also quickly produce this Korean nail art style at home if you have them.

Negative Space Nails

The use of negative space is one Korean nail trend that we’ll continue seeing more of. Negative space is being utilized in more and more designs to create unexpected geometric patterns that need a double-take. Negative space, which looks fantastic against loud logos, is feasible without a gel manicure, but it’s also exquisite.

Tattoo Nails

The tattoo nail trend is about to explode onto the streets. Some nails don’t have any color, but tattoo stickers are attached with exciting designs and images. People have even gone as far as getting their nails tattooed, but we’ll stick to stickers for now.

Cuticle Nails

Focusing on the cuticle has been popular for a while, but we can anticipate seeing more creative takes on it. “Nail shadows,” which are tiny metallic tabs that adorn the cuticles rather than screaming for attention, embellish the cuticles rather than shouting for attention. According to the manufacturer, the small approach provides just enough accent with almost no drying time.

Half-and-Half Nails

Many color blocking and space generate exciting graphics, as seen in these half-and-half nails. The appealing aspect of these color-block nails is that each finger may have a unique color block; therefore, on all 10 fingers, there could be 20 unique colors, with each nail being distinct.

High Heel Nails

The high heel look is recreated with negative space in this version of cuticle nails. We see clever retakes on the most current nail designs for complementary results as nail art develops.

Aurora Nails

I was drawn to this color-changing polish because it has the same effect as the Northern Lights. Instagram with the hashtag #오로라네일, which is simply Aurora nails written in Hangul (the Korean alphabet). A polish flecked with magnetic particles is applied to the nails. Then, a magnet wand moves the pigments around and creates an Aurora borealis-like effect. It is a beautiful choice for individuals with short nails.

Ballet Nails

According to Lee Sumi, another popular nail shape in Korea is ballet. Artificial nail extensions are made to look flat on the top and rounded on the edges, similar to a pointe shoe, and are known as the coffin in the US. They’re a great starting point for any nail color you can imagine.

Lipstick Nails

The most popular nail design requested in South Korea is unquestionably lipstick nails, which are particularly popular at Unistella. Even when I talked with K-pop group Everglow members about their favorite nail design that resembles the brand, they gushed about how wonderful it looked.

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To be honest, this stuff is fantastic; I will continue using it and highly recommend it to anybody with brittle nails.

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I think of nail shapes similar to hairstyles or eyeliners in a makeup style. You may easily alter your appearance by changing the form of your nails. It may make your hands appear longer or provide you with a distinct personal style.

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