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Best 10 Korean Zombie Movies & Dramas to Watch After ‘All of us are Dead’

If you’re looking to spook up your watch time with zombies and want to explore Korean Zombie Movies, keep reading because we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of alternatives below!

And, If you are a lover of Korean Series or Horror Films, we’d like you to vote on the most OK Korean Zombie Movies from the list below. Some are frightening, while others are hilarious in tone, but which one is the best?

Why are zombies so popular in Korea?

Zombies are popular in Korea because they allow people to explore the dark side of human nature without feeling guilty.

Koreans have a strong sense of duty and community, and zombies offer a way for them to let out their dark side in a controlled setting. Zombies are also popular because they’re a relatively new phenomenon, and Koreans love anything new and exciting.

What Is All of Us Are Dead About?

The drama follows a group of students from Hyosan High School as they try to survive after a zombie virus spreads throughout the school and its surrounding areas. The story is based on Joo Donggeun’s Webtoon comic entitled Now at Our School, first published in 2009.

The series initially appears to be your typical zombie apocalypse narrative with coming-of-age elements sprinkled throughout, but ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is rich in cultural allusions and timely analogies.

Does All Of Us Are Dead related to Train to Busan?

No, All of Us Are Dead isn’t related to the Train to Busan.

Given how enormous Train to Busan was, it’s not surprising that people liken it to All of Us Are Dead. They are both South Korean, but they also have rather bloodthirsty and quick zombies, as opposed to lumbering versions from the past. The creators of the Netflix original series undoubtedly recognized this and hastened to clarify that the program is in no way linked with Yeon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan.

When the zombie apocalypse begins in “All of Us Are Dead”, Lee Cheong-san remarks that their current scenario is like “Train to Busan.” This identifies the film as an entirely fictitious narrative in the show’s universe. It is, however, ironic given that the original Webtoon series for All of Us Are Dead was published several years before Train to Busan. With just now seeing the series on Netflix, it’s being compared to a film that it may have inspired.

Is All Of Us Are Dead having a season 2?

If you’ve already seen All of Us Are Dead, you’ll remember that the show comes to a close on a cliffhanger after the survivors join up with Namra on the school’s rooftop. Hypebae, Lee Jaekyu, the series’ director, has recently stated that

“I Wrote the story with the second season in mind.” Although Netflix has confirmed nothing, the idea is to continue the tale. “It would be fantastic if we could do a second season,” said the director, implying that there would be more compelling tales if it were to happen. Lee might concentrate on the “zombie survival” angle for a potential sequel rather than just fleeing from flesh-hungry ghouls (or fanatics) as he did in Season 1.

Best 10 Korean Zombie Movies to Watch After “All of us are Dead.”

Peninsula (2020)

IMDB : 5.5


It’s been four years since Busanhaeng (2016), and a deadly zombie pandemic has swept the country from end to end. A guilt-ridden former Marine Captain, Jung-Seok, sets out on a suicide mission to recover a truck carrying $20 million in cash and three further fortune hunters, all of whom are hellbent on getting their hands on it. Amid the endless urban desolation of rubbish and death, countless voracious living dead are searching for human flesh. The dismal colossal city is also home to Sergeant Hwang’s ferocious mercenaries from Unit 631, who make it worse. Is it possible for the condemned quartet of invaders to break free from Korea’s quarantine and live to tell their story?

Dark Hole (2021)

IMDB : 6.1


The film is about a group of people who must defend themselves against mutants produced when humans breathe strange dark smoke from a sinkhole.

Lee Hwa Sun is a police detective in the Seoul regional investigation unit. When Lee Hwa Sun receives a phone call from her husband’s murderer, informing her to come to “Mujishi,” her life takes an unexpected turn. However, after breathing in a strange dark smoke, the people of Mujishi have been transformed into monsters. In addition to surviving and capturing his murderer, Lee Hwa Sun must overcome her terror to solve this case.

Yoo Tae Han (Mujishi native) is a wrecker driver with a carefree attitude. He has a lighthearted demeanor and likes to joke around, but he has a strong sense of justice. Due to an issue triggered by misinterpretation, he quit being a police officer, although he is proud of his time in the force. When Lee Hwa Sun appears in the carnage of Mujishi, Yoo Tae Han throws himself wholeheartedly into protecting people from harm.

Rampant (2018)

IMDB : 6.3


In the Joseon period, Crown Prince Lee Young attempted to acquire European arquebuses to expel the Qing Dynasty from China. War Minister Kim Ja-Joon uncovers the conspiracy and presents it as a rebellion, gaining control over the king. When Kim meets with the Europeans, she discovers that they have brought zombies (known as “night demons”).

The crown prince, in repentance, sacrifices his life to save his servants. The European ship is smashed, and Joseon forces recover the arquebuses, but one of their soldiers is bitten by a zombie. He returns to his village and passes on the virus. Because they are attracted to noise, avoid sunlight, and need to be slain with a decapitating strike to the heart or a heart-piercing, zombies can only be halted by decapitation or a through-and-through cut.

For their safety, the crown prince asked his younger brother Lee Chung in China to raise his wife and unborn child. Lee Chung had been overlooked for succession in Korea while growing up during the opulent Qing dynasty. After returning with her companion Hak-Su to Jemulpo, Lee Chung is murdered by Joseon assassins paid for by Minister Kim and other ministers planning a coup. As a result of the fighting’s din, terrified villagers are killed by zombified locals.

#Alive (2020)

IMDB : 6.3

A gamer is separated from his family when a zombie pandemic threatens Seoul, and he’s left with only a cup of ramen, a bottle of water, and his wits to survive. But when all hope seems lost and all means exhausted, Kim Yoo-bin, another survivor, becomes his savior. The two strangers bond despite their differences, stepping outside of their comfort zones and finally meeting their neighbors but probably not for long. These are the type of people who’d rather eat you than give you a cup of sugar. Viewers may become interested in how technology such as drones, selfie poles, and hashtags is utilized for zombie apocalypse survival. Now that they’ve teamed up, will the pair be able to escape the heat zone #alive?

Sweet Home (2020)

IMDB : 7.4


When a new disease sweeps through the population turning people into strange creatures, misfits living in a run-down apartment complex band together to survive in an ever-changing world, these outsiders are deranged, self-centered, and lonely, so they must rediscover their humanity and compassion to survive. It may be tough to achieve this goal since the disease is said to be caused by a powerful desire. For example, if you ever wanted to be yoked, that intensity might transform you into the Protein Monster (one of the series’ monsters). Song Kang from Love Alarm’s performance appears in this role, portraying a considerably different side of himself than he does on the show.

The Wailing (2016)

IMDB : 7.5


Gokseong, a tiny rural hamlet located deep in a damp mountainous region haunted by stories of supernatural evil, is beset with horror as several terrible murders, a massive fire, and an inexplicable deadly sickness wreak havoc on the formerly peaceful community. The curse affects everyone, even the police sergeant Jong-only goo’s daughter Hyo-jin, whose frail little body is already showing symptoms of the illness. The community’s suspicions focus on a recently arrived reclusive hermit who lives in the mountains; however, is he truly the source of all evil? Are there evil forces at work?

Zombie Detective (2020)

IMDB : 7.5

Kim Moo-Young has been a zombie for the previous two years. To survive, he has copied the mannerisms of individuals in a village. After that, he leaves for civilization. Kim Moo-Young becomes a private investigator in the city after that. He has no recollection of what occurred before he became a zombie. He is fighting to reclaim his memory and live among humans once again.

On the other hand, Kong Sun-Ji was a current affairs complaint program author before she turned her into a zombie. An unidentified individual assaulted a witness in a case she was working on, forcing her to stop work. After forming a romantic interest in him, she begins work as Kim Moo-Young’s private detective assistant.

Train to Busan (2016)

IMDB : 7.6

Train to Busan is a 2016 South Korean action horror film directed by Yeon Sang-ho and starring Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi, and Ma Dong-seok. The film follows a group of passengers as they fight for their lives when a zombie outbreak occurs on a train to Busan.

The film was released in South Korea on July 20, 2016, and was a commercial success, grossing over US$106 million worldwide. It received positive reviews from critics, with many praising the direction, acting, visuals, and intensity.

I found Train to Busan to be an intense and exciting movie. I really enjoyed the direction and acting, and the visuals were amazing. The film was a great success, grossing over $106 million worldwide. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of horror movies.

Happiness (2021)

IMDB : 8.3

A pharmaceutical company developed a faulty pneumonia medication that was subsequently repurposed as a narcotic to enhance attention at the height of the epidemic. Patients were unaware that the drug had a deadly side effect after repeated usage. Patients become addicted to human blood and experience an insatiable thirst, which can only be satisfied by human blood. In South Korea, pandemonium breaks out, and SOU specialist Sae Bom and detective Yi Hyun are caught. Their new apartment complex is quarantined due to a proliferation of infections.

Kingdom (2019)

IMDB : 8.4

Like most zombie shows, Kingdom takes place in the modern era, but it goes back — way back — to the Joseon dynasty during the 1600s. The king’s illegitimate son, his devoted bodyguard and a physician’s assistant join forces to investigate an epidemic that has swept across the realm after discovering a conspiracy against him. While politicking, the characters attempt to understand and outrun swarms of zombies as they try to figure out what’s going on. It’s a slower burn than your typical action-packed zombie movie, but there’s plenty of tension and historical fiction to keep things exciting.



Korean Series has achieved worldwide recognition after their Dramas and Movies were released internationally. Although interest in Top Korean Zombie movies appears to be increasing worldwide, other countries continue to rise.

I hope you enjoyed this list and found the best Korean Zombie Movies for 2022!

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