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The 10 Best Korean Water Based Cleanser 2022

Korean Water Based Cleansers are some of the most popular and effective cleansing products today. Made with natural ingredients, these cleansers are perfect for those with sensitive skin or who want to avoid harsh chemicals. Korean water-based cleansers provide gentle but effective cleansing that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. These cleansers also contain added benefits like anti-ageing properties or brightening effects. If you’re looking for a new facial cleanser, consider trying one of these Korean water-based options!

What Is A WaterBased Cleanser And What Is Double Cleansing?

The first stage in a Korean skincare regimen is to cleanse your skin twice: first, with an oil-based cleanser, then a water-based cleanser – otherwise known as double cleansing! To maintain the skin’s moisture barrier healthily and lovely, most people prefer to “double cleanse” at night and only use a water-based cleanser in the morning.

The primary difference between these two are:

Oil-based Cleansers remove makeup, sunscreen, and surplus sebum.

Water-based cleansers eliminate germs, sweat, and dead skin cells.

How To Choose The Best Water-Based Cleanser?

When looking for the best water-based cleanser, it’s essential to consider your skin type and the product’s ingredients.

A gentle, moisturizing cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals is ideal for dry skin. Some good ingredients to look for include glycerin, aloe vera, and chamomile.

A foaming or gel cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide may be a better fit if you have oily skin. These ingredients help remove excess oil and kill bacteria that can cause acne.

No matter your skin type, it’s essential to avoid products containing sulfates or other harsh chemicals. These ingredients can strip.

What Ingredients To Avoid on Water Based Cleanser?

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate
  • Coco-Glucoside

Many of the same chemicals that you should avoid in other cleansers are also included. They include redness, irritation, acne, and breakouts due to their usage. They also damage the skin over time, so stay away from them.

What pH level should you choose on Water Based Cleanser?

A cleanser aims to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the face with a creative solution. To be effective, the solution must have a specific pH level. Use this chart to check the pH level of a cleanser. If the pH level is greater than 7, it isn’t appropriate for dry skin since it might harm the face and remove all moisture from it. You should also avoid products with a pH value under 5, but this depends on the type of cleanser. The perfect pH level for any cleanser is between 4.5 and 6, ensuring no harm to the skin’s health.

Are Water Based Cleansers better than Oil Based?

Yes, water-based cleansers are preferable since they do not obstruct the pores and are very effective for all skin types. Oil-based cleansers can cause redness, irritation, and even acne if misused.

Should you double cleanse with a water and oil cleanser?

Yes, it would be best to double cleanse your face since it removes all of the grime and cosmetics from your skin.

What Jihyo of TWICE tips Nighttime Skin-Care Routines

There are 3 steps of her routines; The first stage is that Jihyo uses a particular eye makeup remover to remove her mascara and liner. After that, she applies cleansing milk to dry skin to melt away the rest of her makeup. She feels it’s gentler and non-irritating than other oil-based cleanser recipes. And after Jihyo rinses everything off her face, she washes her face with a water-based cleanser to remove sweat, pollution, and other impurities that remain on her skin.

Once her face was fresh and clean, Jihyo continued with toner, essence, and moisturizer to replenish her skin’s moisture levels and keep it lush and poreless. She then applies facial Oil as a final step. The morning routine is also similar. The only difference is that she does not use any cosmetics, just water and skips Facial Oil.

Best Korean Water-Based Cleansers

Our Pick 💖

THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser

Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser is loaded with minerals, ceramide, vitamins A, B, and E, nourishing and brightening your skin. It’s a mild water-based cleanser that leaves behind soft, supple, and radiant skin. The lovely scent of the cleaning foam has no trace of sulfates and ensures clean and fresh skin. It’s ideal for sensitive skin since it causes no irritation or redness.

Our Pick 💖

THE SAEM Healing Tea Garden Tea tree Cleansing Water

The Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Water from The Saem is a mild yet effective one-step cleanser that removes dirt and all types of residue from your skin, including makeup! This product maintains clear pores and inhibits sebum production, making it a must-have for people with oily, more breakout-prone complexions. This cleansing water is free of synthetic colors, artificial fragrances, benzophenone, parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oil, or talc because of the presence of any of these substances.

Our Pick 💖

NEOGEN DERMALOGY Real Flower Cleansing Water

It’s made for sensitive skin and some dermatological issues. A few of you said that you have sensitive skin, and the Neogen Real Cleansing Water is great for you (even those who did not like the Beauty Water!). After discovering that the skincare products were gentler and didn’t aggravate your typically reactive skin, many of you switched to K-beauty.

And they weren’t kidding when they said it was “real.” The bottle is filled with real calendula/rose petals to help sweep pollution away from the skin and nourish it with fermented compounds. If I’m applying a cleanser that will stay on my skin without being washed off, I want to be sure it’s beneficial. These cleansing waters are available: Calendula for oily or combination skin suffering from acne and Rose for normal to dry skin anti-aging properties.

Our Pick 💖

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS Daily Rice Rebalancing Cleansing Water

Nourish and purify, rice ferment filtrate (sake) is included in the Rice Rebalancing Cleansing Water, riboflavin from rice extract softens and prevents irritation, and edelweiss extract protects the skin.

This is one of the lightest and most water-like cleansers on the market, and it has a delicate oil-like texture once massaged into the skin. It removes both base makeup and leaves the skin moisturized. It was also able to remove shimmers, matte eyeshadows, and eyebrow products in two swipes. This certainly saves me time since I don’t have to use a makeup remover before washing my face.

Our Pick 💖

LAGOM Cellup Gel To Water Cleanser

The morning cleanser we didn’t even know we needed is Lagom’s Cellup Gel-to-Water. So many individuals are unsure if they need to double cleanse in the morning when their face is already cleaned from the night before. And in fact, we do need an oil-based cleanser to remove our oil-based creams gently and sebum excreted while sleeping, and dust and pollutants trapped in our bedroom air.

But we also know that a simple, moderate cleanse is often enough. This cleanser is the ideal lightweight morning cleanser, created especially to accomplish all tasks requiring a daily cleanse. The fantastic part of this product is the texture that changes from a gel to a refreshing water-based solution as you massage it in, leaving you hydrated, calm, and properly cleaned. It has a faint herbal scent with undertones of lavender and citrus. Of course, Lagom’s most recent product, which cleanses in such a practical way

Our Pick 💖

MEDIHEAL Intensive Pore Clean Cleansing Foam (Charcoal)

The Mediheal Intensive Pore Cleansing Foam contains a unique cream-to-foam formulation that seeps into the pores, removes acne blackheads, and leaves your skin feeling wonderful moisturized. The chemicals found in Mediheal Intensive Pore Cleansing Foam include zinc, which soothes the skin, and charcoal, which cleanses dirt and oil from the pores. Mushrooms in the cleanser’s antioxidant properties act as a shield for the skin’s defense.

Our Pick 💖

DEAR KLAIRS Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

When you have sensitive skin, it’s critical to avoid using incorrect products or anything too harsh on your skin. You require something that can effectively exfoliate your delicate skin while also providing its nutrients. The presence of amino acids in Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser ensures that it is very gentle and keeps your skin moisturized after each wash. Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and olive oil are present in the formulation, ensuring that your skin feels replenished without being irritated.

Our Pick 💖

SULWHASOO Gentle Cleansing Foam

The Gentle Cleansing Foam from Sulwhasoo is a high-end Korean cleanser containing ancient Korean medicines’ natural components. It incorporates ginseng root extracts in addition to a variety of natural substances. The water-based cleanser suits your skin and has a pH level of 5, ideal for washing. The cleanser also serves as an excellent moisture barrier solution, helping to retain the moisture in your skin.

This perfect cleanser for combination skin is infused with hydrating botanical extracts and creates a rich foam to cleanse while also leaving the skin hydrated, soft, and balanced. The cushiony Korean gel cleanser bubbles into a deep bath to fully and thoroughly cleanse your skin. It’s appropriate for normal, mixed, and oily skins.

Our Pick 💖

INNISFREE Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water with Green Tea

Are you looking for a refreshing, gentle way to cleanse your face? Look no further than Innisfree’s Green Tea Facial Cleansers! Made with organic green tea from Jeju Island; these cleansers are perfect for those with sensitive skin. The double-squeezed method ensures that all the amino acids and antioxidants are extracted, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Our Pick 💖

HOLIKA HOLIKA Less On Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

This product is perfect for low immunity due to excessive sebum secretion and damaged acid membranes. Our cleansing water is designed to help reduce the occurrence of seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and other skin conditions. Our unique formula is perfect for all skin types and is gentle enough for everyday use. Our cleansing water will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and hydrated.

This cleanser is perfect for those with sensitive skin, as it is Dermatologist Tested. This cleansing water not only cleanses your face but also provides moisture to the inner skin, leaving you with a refreshed and healthy complexion.

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