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9 Affordable Korean Clothing Fashion Brands

Clothes that BTS’s ARMYs must have!

Korean Clothing Fashion has captured the attention of devoted fans who enjoy looking fashionable all day. There’s no doubt that a stylish outfit from a good Korean apparel line can only add to and improve your personality. All fashion maniacs are on the lookout for fashionable clothing, which is why it’s more important than ever to update your style and fill your wardrobe with the newest and runway-stirred clothes.

And if you are a fan of Korean K-Pop or K-Series? Whatever it is, you might wonder where to find the ideal and affordable Korean Clothing brands? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you! We’ll go over the nine finest online shopping sites for inexpensive Korean Clothing Fashion.

Why is KPOP Fashion Popular?

Korean pop culture is wildly popular, and it’s no surprise that fashion has caught on as well. Korean clothing is often characterized by its bright colors, stunning prints, and trendy designs. Kpop stars are known for their over-the-top style, and their fans love to emulate their favorite looks.

Many Westerners are drawn to Korean fashion because it’s so different from what we’re used to seeing. The clothes are fun, youthful, and energetic – perfect for expressing your personality. So, if you’re looking to add a little bit of flair to your wardrobe, why not try out some Korean clothing? You might be surprised at how much you like it!

What brands do KPOP idols wear?

A quick Instagram scroll will reveal which house brands are more frequently backing prominent figures in K-pop. And many celebrities have chosen to not be monogamous with their fashion labels, forming partnerships with multiple companies.

For example, we’ve seen MAMAMOO’s HWASA showcase VERSACE, BURBERRY, TOMMY HILFIGER, PRADA Or EXO’s Kai, the authentic poster boy for Gucci.



What brand do BTS wear? That you can afford!

BTS may be described as a group of certified style icons, and the group is not recognized for being reserved. However, this band, which has broken several records, isn’t only a trend follower; it’s also the trendsetter, particularly its ARMY (fans). There are Lamodechief, Fila, Ordinary People, hallyumart, trunk-project, feelenuff, and many more.

It’s fair to say that getting dressed like Kpop idols is far beyond our means. You either have the resources, or you do not. However, if yours is the latter, we may assist you in replicating K-Pop fashion.

And in case you don’t have it enough, we’ve put together a list of fresh new fashion trends to help you get inspired. So now you’ve got everything you need to start renovating your closet right here.

Where can I buy Korean clothes online?


Spao is a Korean clothing store that has been around for quite some time. It may be found in almost every retail and department store, as well as most shopping districts.

They’re frequently referred to as the Korean version of Uniqlo because they specialize in affordable and easy versions of current fads. In addition, they offer both genders’ versions of popular trends at an accessible price point.


Kooding is a one-stop Korean fashion destination, as its name implies. And you won’t believe it, but it’s actually one of the greatest Korean clothing stores out there! They have everything from basic tops and jeans to trendier garments and bold colors from some of Korea’s most affordable apparel companies. This store, like YesStyle, is cheap and user-friendly.

It’s only $8.99 for a purchase of less than $29, and there is no shipping fee for $59 or more purchases. They also give free returns, so you won’t have to worry about the right or incorrect size selection.


Stylenanda is a virtual platform that offers young, innovative, stylish, and fun styles. It’s also the greatest location to acquire accessories and outerwear. They have a large selection of blazers, jackets, coats, and bottoms. Stylenanda is somewhat more pricey than other Korean clothing online stores, but the quality reflects its value.

The store offers free shipping on purchases of $200 or more. It won’t be difficult to reach after seeing the large collection, which is available and inexpensive.

And there are actual stores in locations worldwide, including Australia, Singapore, and Thailand also.


MixxMix, offers a wide selection of women’s apparel. The site’s popularity is attributed to the ‘K-Stars Picks’ section, separate from the main collection of items.

If you browse around MixxMix quickly, you’ll notice a variety of photos featuring Korean celebrities wearing their clothes. Of course, knowing that your favorite K-pop star wears clothing from a company that you can also purchase makes it more exciting. Overall, there are many trendy and adorable cheap Korean clothes here.

They are well-known for their quick delivery to all global areas. Because they only sell items in stock. You can expect to receive what you ordered within 7-10 business days.

And provide free shipping on $200 or more purchases using fast box economy shipping. Keep an eye out for their sales, as you may get some great deals with membership.

While shopping on this Korean fashion website, you will earn $2 in in-store credit if you become a member.


It’s a user-friendly Korean online shopping site for K-Fashion apparel. It has collections such as strawberry milk, Dali hotel, HELLO KITTY, and its own brand, Chuu. 

The brand is recognized for its -5kg Jeans, which help you appear thinner. In addition, they offer an extensive choice of handbags, jewelry, and clothing in addition to a large range of low-cost Korean garments on the internet.


StyleupK is a site that specializes in affordable everyday street fashion from Korean designer labels. Their Korean fashion partners include Romantic Crown, Heart Club, Acme de la vie, and others.  Unlike other sites that simply seek the lowest pricing, StyleupK creates a high-quality product at an affordable price range to assemble their site’s Korean-style apparel collection. At StyleupK, you may shop for big unisex T-shirts, handbags for women, shoes, and much more.

They offer free standard delivery to the US for purchases over $190, and you may also upgrade to express shipping on purchases of more than $265.

Hotping (핫핑)

The greatest, as the name implies. This brand has all the essentials that a fashionable modern woman would desire in one place. In addition, it has stylish but comfortable tops and blouses.

There is a good variety of jeans available. Cute and airy summer dresses abound. Midi skirts are trendy layering pieces for dresses or summer tops. Narrow-legged pants ensure you can get through those hot summer days at work without sweating too much! But nothing compares to the wonderful news that everything comes in an even more inclusive XS-XL (US) size range.

They also have an excellent online shop in English if you want to shop from the comfort of your own home.

Naning 9 (난닝구)

Naning 9 is a very stylish brand with extremely reasonable pricing. Naning 9 is the place where understated elegance meets easy-to-wear modern essentials.

There is nothing too bright or fussy here; the colors and patterns are toned down to perfection, allowing everything to be mixed and matched. The linens, cotton, and satins are in loose and flattering cuts, while the accessories match flawlessly. 

This brand is a lesson in how to make everyday life more elegant. What’s not to like about such an inexpensive price tag?

Bind (바인드)

At a higher price point, this street style is both youthful and fashionable for both men and women. It strives to attract an edgier and androgynous crowd with its laid-back surfer feel and stocking popular brands such as Carhartt, Jeep, and Fila, among others.

That’s all there is to it.

However, they also sell female separates and pastel scrunchies alongside their baggy hoodies and bucket caps. They also have an extensive selection of backpacks, caps, beanies, and jewelry to suit all of your fashion needs.

And that’s it, guys! All you need after this is decent makeup, accessories, and of course,  the appropriate clothing to make a stunning appearance!

Now, fill up your wardrobe with your favorite outfits from affordable Korean apparel brands and go out in style! Enjoy!

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