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Characters of Kakao Friends that Fans must know | K-Pop idols who are on KakaoTalk emoticons!

Kakao Friends are the characters from the Korean messaging app KakaoTalk. Emojis or emoticons are used to convey these figures. These personalities have become wildly popular, not just in Korea but also worldwide. In South Korea, you can discover various businesses that sell Kakao Friends goods, cafés with Kakao Friends themes, and even a museum dedicated to Kakao Friends concept art.

Where are the Kakao Friends from?

The character of the kakao friends was created as emoticons for Korea’s most popular chat software, KakaoTalk. The odd personalities were created to make communication easier. In a 2016 interview, creator Kwon Soon-ho explained his motivation behind emoticon design. “My girlfriend used to be upset by my brief answers on a mobile messenger,” he said. “There was so much needless tension and stress building between us because we couldn’t hear voices or see each other’s faces.”

What is Kakao Talk?

Kakao Talk is a free messaging app with a user base of over 200 million people. It’s most popular in South Korea but is also used in Japan, China, and other parts of East Asia. Kakao Talk lets users send messages, photos, and videos to each other for free. It also includes a host of features like group chat, voice and video calls, and stickers. The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

Are Kakao Friends Korean?

Yes, Kakao Friends is a Korean company! Their products are super popular in Korea, and they have even expanded to other countries like China and Japan. If you’re looking for some cute and unique Korean stationery or accessories, definitely check out Kakao Friends!

Who is the most popular Kakao character?

According to the latest data from Kakao Friends, the most popular character is Ryan, who has over 8.5 million followers on KakaoTalk, the messaging app owned by Kakao Friends. Other top characters include Brown (over 7 million followers), Con (nearly 6 million followers), and Jay (nearly 5 million followers).

Who are the Kakao Friends characters?

Groovy JayG 제이지

There’s more to Groovy Jay-G (제이지) than meets the eye. Sure, he’s a suave secret agent with an immaculately pressed suit on the surface. However, behind his daytime persona, by night, he is a groovy pop star dropping beats and performing his heart out! He always admires excellent Jay Z, and among Kakaotalk buddies, he’s the one who enjoys having a good time.

Tube 튜브

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the KakaoTalk Friends is the Tube (튜브). He appears to be a quiet, pleasant duck who will not stand up to others to make his case. Because he has tiny feet that make him self-conscious, he wears flippers to alter his appearance.

Until something frightening happens, Tube remains a calm feathered pal. Then, out of nowhere, his other personality takes control! Tube’s alter ego is a green Hulk-like duck that doesn’t back down and readily shows irritation.

If you’re a go-go type who can shift from peaceful to enraged when things get stressful, Tube is ideal for you! Use him in your messages to bring your pals on the same page.

Frodo 프로도

Frodo (프로도) is one of the more complicated Kakao Friends. Sure, on the surface, he’s a rich dog from the big city, which can be challenging at times. He enjoys luxury items – if it sparkles, Frodo will adore them! However, he has a lot of insecurities below the surface. He was not always the well-off city dweller that he is now, and he feels self-conscious about his less-than-glamorous origins.

Frodo is the KakaoTalk Friend who can assist you with a well-timed emoticon if you’re having trouble expressing yourself in words.

Neo 네오

Neo (네오) is the Kakaotalk Friend with a beautiful and elegant city cat who deserves to be on the cover of a fashion magazine – and she knows it! Neo is a beauty who doesn’t need to be told twice about how gorgeous she is. However, as you can imagine, she may be somewhat pushy with her other Kakaobox pals. She understands that she is entitled to the most OK things in life, so she’s joined up with Frodo, her soulmate.

Frodo and Neo are frequently seen watching movies and holding hands, as romantic couples do. They have strong personalities; therefore, squabbling is not unusual for them. But despite the fighting, they know deep down that they’re better together and can’t stay upset at each other for long. Are you having a fantastic hair day? Do you want to put an argument behind you with your pals by using Neo and Frodo?

Apeach 어피치

At other times, texts may be blunt and intense. Not so much at all. Apeach (어피치) is a beautiful peach that is ideal for your messages that are lighthearted and flirty. Con, the daring scientist, created Apeach, and it spends its existence prancing about and playing naughty jokes on the KakaoTalk Friends. Apeach fled the garden where it was born in search of amusement and laughter, and it enjoys an opportunity to be silly. Are you the cheery, flirty member of your group looking to contact your crush and arrange a date this weekend? Do you enjoy throwing amusing pranks on your pals? If that’s the case, you’ll get along swimmingly with Apeach!

Muzi 무지 콘

Muzi (무지) is a spunky yellow radish brought to life by his scientist sidekick and creator, Con (콘). Muzi adores wearing bunny costumes to boost his self-esteem, and he is frequently seen seeking new activities and escapades. Nothing these two can’t handle! If you’re feeling cheeky and want to add a little excitement to your communications, Muzi & Con can help you.

Con (콘)

The adorable little crocodile Con is a mystery in and of himself. He cultivated Muzi from his radish and now has his sights set on Apeach, the peach emoticon – he intends to plant her and fruit a tree with hundreds of enormous peaches.

Ryan 라이언

The newest member of the Kakao family, Ryan (라이언), is a fantastic addition! This adorable lion has a distinct personality. He’s easily irritated, but he’s also very caring. He’ll be the go-to guy for a wide range of feelings—but only if you anger him first.

Ryan has a beautiful disposition and is full of confidence! He knows how to show a variety of emotions. Pride, empathy, sadness, and anxiety are some of his favorite feelings. Make sure you have a Ryan sticker pack in your Kakao lineup for some solid and pleasant feelings.

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