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HOW TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU IN KOREA LANGUAGE | How to wish your K-Pop idol in Korean?

Happy birthday to you in Korea : birthdays are celebrated a little differently than in Western cultures. For Koreans, birthdays are not only a time to celebrate the day someone was born but also a time to reflect on the person’s life up until that point. Koreans believe that a person’s Birthday is the day their life begins anew, so it is seen as a significant occasion.

Koreans also like to celebrate their birthdays with big parties, and it is not uncommon for people to invite hundreds of guests. Many people save up all year long to have a massive celebration on their Birthday. Whether you’re Korean or not, there’s no reason not to join in on the fun!

And in this article, we will teach you how to pronounce Happy birthday to you in Korea. If you are ready, let’s get started!

Koreans Age Counting

Did you know that Koreans age together on January 1st? This is a Chinese tradition that Koreans still follow today. They have their method of counting years. Although Koreans can enjoy their Birthday on their actual birth date, they are not considered to age on that day. However, they wish each other Happy Birthday in Korean.

In South Korea, birthdays are momentous occasions. The most significant celebration of all is a child’s first birthday, as it is in many cultures. Koreans also commemorate two huge years, when people turn 60 to 70 years old. Their children prepare a very colourful party and invite friends and relatives to join in the fun. This may include various meals and other thrilling activities.

Korean Birthday Traditions

There are many different Korean birthday traditions, but some of the most popular ones include eating a special rice cake called [song-pyeon], making wishes for the year ahead, and wearing a hanbok (traditional Korean dress).

Another popular tradition is giving a birthday feast, where family and friends gather to celebrate. The birthday person usually sits at the head of the table, and guests take turns offering blessings and well-wishes. Often, loved ones will give monetary gifts called [hap] to the birthday celebrant in Korean.

Food For Korean Culture Birthday

Of course, no biggest celebration is complete without food. Koreans have their type of cuisine to celebrate their birthdays with.

The rice cake soup known as 떡국 [Duk-Kook] is one of Korea’s most significant birthday foods. Koreans eat this dish on New Year’s Day to commemorate reaching a year older. It includes sliced rice cakes, meat cooked in a bone broth, and egg. But, there’s more. People frequently say, [sae-hae-bok ma-ni ba-duh-sae-yo],” which means, “I hope you have a lot of luck in the new year.”

In Reply 1988, recall how Dong-Ryong wanted her mother’s particular 미역국 [miyeok guk] or seaweed soup on his birthday? It is unusual for them to consume it on their actual birthdate. Their mothers usually prepare it, and the chopped seaweed, a choice of meat, and a tiny amount of sesame soil are the components that make it distinctive.

What’s a birthday celebration in Korea without any birthday cakes? Birthdays are also celebrated with cakes in Korea. They utilize candles to indicate their age. Candles of long duration are used for the first digit of their age, and short candles are used for the last. Koreans add fruits to their cakes as decorations. The exciting thing about their cakes is that they include green tea and sweet potato-flavored cake.

And did you know that Koreans don’t have large parties for children very often? When they become older, they start to hold parties and enjoy drinks with their friends at the bar. If you’re invited to a birthday party, you may bring essential presents and cakes. Elders would rather receive cash for practical reasons.

Koreans also have a custom is known as 상부상조 [sang bu-sang-jo],” which means assisting one another to give back. This is more significant than any other material present. This signifies genuine friendship. They aren’t overly picky about what they receive, after all. It’s the thought that matters, according to them.

How to say Happy Birthday in Korean

Before you wish them a happy birthday, make sure you know how old they are to you. If you’re not sure of their age and want to be cautious, go for an extra polite option.

Casual: For someone who is your age or younger:

생일 축하해 – [Saeng-il chuka-hae]

Polite: For someone a little older than you:

생일 축하해요 – [Saeng-il chuka-hae-yo]

Formal: For someone much older than you or your parent:

생신을 축하드립니다 – [Saeng-sin-eul chuka-deu-rim-nida]

How To Sing Happy Birthday Song In Korean

Do you want to surprise your Korean partner or K-Pop idol? Perhaps this will help?

Singing the birthday song in Korean is a beautiful idea. You don’t have to modify the tune or rhythm; all you have to do is change the words.

Here’s how it goes

Saeng-il Chuka-ham-nida –생일 축하합니다 

Saeng-il Chuka-ham-nida – 생일 축하합니다 

Sa-rang-ha-neun (name) ssi – 사랑하는 (name)

Saeng-il Chuka-ham-nida – 생일 축하합니다

If you’re singing this song for your partner or best friend, replace Saeng-il Chuka-ham-Nida with the more informal Saeng-il Chuka-Hae.

How to ask when someone’s Birthday is in Korean

Casual: For your date or best friend

생일이 언제야 – [Seng-il-i Eon-je-ya]

Polite: For Colleagues or General

생일이 언제예요 – [Seng-il-i Eon-je-eyo]

Formal: For the Elderly

생신이 언제세요 – [Seng-il-i Eon-je-seyo]

How to tell someone your Birthday in Korean

Alright, suppose you were born on January 1st. There are two ways to say that in Korean:

Casual: Same age

내 생일은 1월1일이야 – [Nae Seng-il-eun 1wol 1il-liya]

Polite: Older Person

제 생일은 1월 1일이에요 – [Je-Seng-il-eun 1wol 1il-i-eyo]

The primary distinction between the two is that the second one uses the more polite postfix “yo” (에요), whereas the first employs the less formal “-liya”.

And here is a list of the months in Korean. So you can keep track of what word to replace your birth month with.

January – 일월 [ ir-wol ]

February – 이월 [ E-wol ]

March – 삼월 [ sam-wol ]

April – 사월 [ sa-wol ]

May – 오월 [ o-wol ]

June – 유월 [ yu-wol ]

July – 칠월 [ chir-wol ]

August – 팔월 [ par-wol]

September – 구월 [ gu-wol ]

October – 시월 [ si-wol ]

November – 십일월 [ ship-ir-wol ]

December – 십이월 [ ship-i-wol ]

How to write Happy Birthday to my K-Pop idol in Korean?

1.     Thank you for being born.

태어나줘서 고마워요.

[tae-ona-jwoso ko-ma-wo-yo]


2.     I wish you to be always healthy with a bright smile shining on your face. I sincerely congratulate you!

항상 건강하고 언제나 밝은 웃음 간직하길 바래요~ 진심으로 축하해요!

[han-san kon-qan-hago on-je-na pall-qeun eu-seum kan-jik-haqill pa-rae-yo~ jin-sim-euro chu-kha-hae-yo]


3.     Happy birthday, Oppa. Always be healthy and happy!

생일축하해 오빠.항상 건강하고 행복해!

[saeng-il chu-kha-hae-oppa hang-sang geon-gang-hago haeng-bog-hae!]


4.     I hope your wishes come true.

네 모든 소원이 이루어지길 바래요.

[nae-mo-deun sowon-i iru-ojiq-il parae-yo]


5.     I wish you success and best luck! (more friendly)

성공하고, 항상 행운이 함께 하길 바래용!

[son-gong-ha-go, hansan-haeng-uni ham-kke-ha-gill parae-yo!]


Celebrations on birthdays are widespread in Korean society. Especially the birthdays of milestones in Korean history, such as a baby’s first birthday, the 60th, etc.

Cutting a birthday cake is now also common in South Korea. And, of course, singing the birthday song is another must-do. Koreans, however, have not forgotten their roots. So all of the singing and wishing takes place in Korean. It’s therefore beneficial to learn how to say “happy birthday” in Korean.

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