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7 Best Curtain Bangs Korean Styles in 2022

And How to get unshakable LISA’s BLACKPINK bangs!

In Korea, Curtain Bangs Korean is a popular hairstyle worn casually or formally, depending on the clothing and accessories used. It looks excellent with flowing skirts and dresses. Some women opt to wear a headband or tiara with Korean curtain bangs for a more formal appearance. Curtain bangs Korean are ideal for special events like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries because they can be worn with almost any outfit. You may give your hair a bit of volume to make an attractively elegant appearance that will cause eyes to turn wherever you go by adding some volume.

How do you know if curtain bangs would suit you?

Curtain bangs Korean style no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to know if curtain bangs would suit you is to try them out for yourself. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not curtain bangs would be right for you.

To begin, consider your hair type and texture. For example, curtain bangs are best on straight or slightly wavy hair; if your hair is curly or tightly coiled, the fringe may end up looking more like curtains than bangs.

Why are bangs so popular in Korea?

It’s no secret that bangs are popular in Korea- in fact, they’re so popular that they’ve even been given their own name: “curtain bangs,” also known as Korean bangs. There are a few reasons why curtain bangs are so popular in Korea.

First, they’re perfect for achieving that pulled-together look without having to put in too much effort.

Second, they’re a great way to conceal forehead wrinkles and other signs of aging.

And lastly, they add an element of style and sophistication to any look. So if you’re looking to update your style without having to make any significant changes, consider giving curtain bangs a try!

What face shape is good for curtain bangs?

They’ll look fantastic on round or oval faces. But if you have a heart-shaped face, they can help to soften your features. And if you have a square or rectangular face, curtain bangs can help create the illusion of an oval shape. So basically, curtain bangs are suitable for all sorts of face shapes! Just make sure to get them cut at the correct length for your particular face shape.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Bangs

Everyone has their own style. For some, it may be an unwavering devotion to mascara. However, Lisa’s unassuming set of perfect bangs appears to define her appearance for BLACKPINK.

Even as she dances through BLACKPINK’s challenging choreography and performs her own vocals, “Perfect” seems to defy the laws of physics. Internet forums are devoted to determining whether or not her hair can remain so still and tidy, no matter how fast she goes. Now and again, you’ll notice that Lisa applies a little movement to these lengths – for example when she sat front row at Celine’s Paris show – but the message is always the same: nothing gets out of place.

How do Lisa’s bangs stay in place?

BLINKs have frequently claimed that Lisa’s bangs should be recognized as one of the world’s 8 wonders because they’ve never been out of position.

Many people were curious to learn more about them since their calm nature has always perplexed fans. However, after BLACKPINK’s incredible Coachella sets, many individuals have again taken a shot at solving the enigma.

After seeing how hard BLINKs were attempting to figure out Lisa’s secret, BLACKPINK’s hairstylist made the decision to put things straight and banish super glue guesses for good!

She recently shared a photo of Lisa on Instagram, tagging it with both #LisaHair and #TruthAboutHerBangs. And revealed the real trick to those unshakable bangs!

“Many people have remarked that her bangs are glued to her forehead, but no! The most essential thing is to dry your bangs down. Then dry the roots and fix them with spray.”

So it appears that no super glue was utilized in any shape or form as part of Lisa’s excellent bangs, just some neatly dried hair and hairspray! So finally, the riddle has been solved! 

Best hair spray to keep your bangs in place

Hair spray is one of those products that can do a little bit of everything. It can help set your bangs without making them stiff, and it can also be used to tame flyaways. Just remember to use it sparingly, otherwise you’ll end up with stiffness and crunchiness. And if you’re looking for a little extra hold, try using a hairspray that’s designed for maximum hold.

Our Pick 💖

Kenra Volume Spray 25 | Super Hold Hairspray | All Hair Types

Kenra Volume Spray 25 provides the maximum amount of volume and hold possible. It leaves hair looking natural and shiny while imparting the strength and volume necessary to make any style last all day.

The Kenra Professional Super Hold Hairspray is a hairspray that gives your hairstyle high definition, shine, retention, body, movement and all-day hold. This product features a flexible formula with super strong resins that provides long lasting hold in even the most extreme conditions. Its quick drying formula ensures you can style your hair without waiting for it to dry first

Our Pick 💖

Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Spray

Looking for a hairspray that can help your style last all day and keep it looking great? Plasticizers and fixatives are used in TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray to provide structure, definition, and shine to your hair. This stuff sets instantly, so you may go about your day.

Our Pick 💖

SexyHair Big Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray

Big Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray by SexyHair is a formula that provides up to 10x the volume and lift for a super hold that lasts up to 120 hours. This volumizing hairspray delivers up to 72 hours of humidity resistance, so your style stays put even in the most humid conditions. Available in a convenient spray canister, Big Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray is formulated with an advanced polymer complex that offers weightless texture and shine without stick

Our Pick 💖

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium provides flexible, long-lasting hold while infusing hair with shine and fighting frizz. Brushes out easily and does not leave a flaky or sticky residue. Ideal for extending blowouts and maintaining everyday styles with natural finish.

Product Description in paragraph form: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium is a lightweight, flexible hairspray that provides long-lasting hold while infusing hair with shine and fighting frizz. Brushes out easily and does not leave a flaky or sticky residue. Ideal for extending blowouts

Here are our favourite Curtain Bangs Kpop in 2022

Choppy Bangs – For Larger Forehead

Choppy bangs can be good for disguising a prominent forehead, as well as adding some extra style and personality to your look. They can also help frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. If you have a round face, choppy bangs may help elongate it somewhat. However, if you have a very thin or delicate hair type, avoid choppy bangs as they may end up looking very sparse and uneven.

Curled Bangs

Curled Bangs style is suitable for those who want to add some volume and texture to their hair. This look can be achieved with either a curling iron or hot rollers and works best on medium to long hair lengths. If you have shorter bangs, you can still curl them, but you may need to use a smaller barrel curling iron to achieve the desired results. Curled bangs can be worn casually and formally, making them a versatile styling option.

Korean Curtain Bangs Long Hair – For Square Face

Long bangs are great for creating a soft, feminine look. They can also help to frame your face and accentuate your features. If you have long hair, then long bangs can help to add some extra style and flair.

See-through Korean bangs – For Heart-Shaped Faces

See-through bangs, wispy Korean side bangs, or air bangs –It’s known by a variety of names. And it’s one of the most popular ways Korean women tinker with their bangs. As the name implies, the see-through bangs provide you with a peek at your forehead.

The tiny hairs on your upper lip help frame your face and provide a subtle touch. This is an excellent choice for ladies with smaller, wispy Korean bangs for round faces. It doesn’t hide your face too much or contour it too drastically. Smaller faces tend to be hidden behind bangs, but these wispy fringes avoid that from happening.

Baby Hair Bangs – For Thinner Hair

Soft, see-through layered bangs that are usually kept short. These aren’t really banged, to be technical about it. If you’re concerned about hair loss and thinning on your head but notice wispy strands of hair on your forehead, try this style.

In most cases, The baby hair bangs are quite short. They can, however, be straight or wispy in appearance.

Kpop Side Bangs – Trendy Korean bangs for round faces

On the other hand, Korean side bangs provide a charming feminine touch to your look. One of the most significant parts about these types of Kpop side swept bangs is that they look great when you tie up your hair. These Korean side bangs are ideal for individuals who enjoy wearing buns or ponytails.

We adore how Korean women style their bangs to match their face cuts. If you have a rounder, fuller face, side-swept bangs can help it appear smaller and more oval in form. You may also increase the bulk of these hairstyles by blow-drying them for more extensive, fluffier side bangs.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are great for heart-shaped faces, as they help to balance out the proportions. They also add some softness to a strong jawline. If you have a round face, blunt bangs can help to elongate your face and make it appear narrower. However, blunt bangs may not be the best option if you have a square face, as they can accentuate the angular features.

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