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Korean Aurora Nails Trending on Instagram K-Beauty | K-Pop idols who polished their Art Nails

Korean Aurora Nails are all the rage right now. They’re a type of nail art that creates a colorful, aurora-like effect on your nails. The trend started in South Korea and has been gaining popularity worldwide. So if you’re looking to try out this new trend, you’ve come to the right place!

What are Aurora Nails?

Aurora nail art is characterized by the use of magnetic particles in metallic gel nail polishes. The Aurora design is created with a magnetic wand over the nails, and a swirling pattern appears. This Korean nail art style looks lovely on even small nails. Live Love Polish and KBShimmer are two brands that offer gorgeous manicures at home.

The nails’ iridescent sheen will remind you of seashells, mermaid tails from fairytales, and even the spectacular light show of the heavens. The Aurora’s nails are particularly fascinating due to their gleaming finish! They provide a futuristic aesthetic on your nails and are an easy nail art pattern to follow.

What does Aurora Acrylic Nails Korean mean?

Aurora’s nails are genuinely magical. You’ve undoubtedly heard this appealing term if you’ve been looking into nail fads to help you create your next manicure.

You can make your own at home, and the possibilities are endless. Suppose you think about what “aurora” means (a natural electrical phenomenon that causes spectacular light shows across the sky known as the Northern Lights). In that case, you’ll have no trouble coming up with ideas for Aurora’s nails.

Iridescent, holographic, and opalescent nails catch the light in beautiful ways. It’s breathtaking when these nails catch the light in a space-age unicorn way. they appear to be a real-world filter. And you must give it a shot!

Where Did The Aurora Nail Art Trend Come From?

Like many other fantastic nail fashions on Instagram, Aurora nails are from South Korea. The trend started gaining traction after the hashtag #오로라네일 was used in Korean Hangul script. While the English version, #AuroraNails, is associated with over 100,000 posts from now.

Aurora Nails Going to be The Next Big Thing on Instagram Manicures

Spring is here, and a highlighter for your nails is fabulous manicure. The Korean-inspired “Aurora” nails, like a highlighter for your nails, are perfect for the season.

The iridescent effect, which can be likened to seashells and mermaid tails from fairy tales, maybe produced using specially made Aurora gels, which are only intended for salon usage. However, there are many sheer, opalescent nail polish colors to choose from if you want to achieve the look at home.

This manicure’s gleaming, the rainbow-hued shine is especially gorgeous to look at. It has a fascinating effect on the camera since the color changes as fingers move, giving it a futuristic vibe. It’s also an easy nail art style to follow because all you need is a light-reflecting polish. So take inspiration from Instagram and try one of the suggested polishes to create this season’s freshest manicure fashion.

How Are Aurora Nails Created At The Salon?

If you want a fantastic professional look, a visit to a nail salon is recommended. The staple aurora-holographic nail design can be achieved using a few distinct methods, according to Anastasia Totty, an instructor at LeChat Nails. “Most of them are produced using what nail professionals refer to as ‘white chrome,'” she adds. “It’s a highly pigmented powder with an aurora effect (light lavender or gold hues) in different light settings.” The iridescent chrome powder will be applied to your nail by your technician.

Then, according to Totty, a popular trend from South Korea and Japan would be to cut a piece of Mylar to resemble your nail and cover the white chrome with sculpting gel. “The nail artist may cut a piece of holographic foil into an oblong shape that’s smaller than the nail plate and place it centrally top-to-bottom on the nail, encapsulating the foil with hard gel to form a raised region, then finish with a top coat for even more shine,” says Rezler. “These encapsulation methods are the most difficult part, making them a tough DIY project, but they provide the greatest visual impact.

K-Pop Idols who broke Gender Normal Nails Polish

iKON’s Bobby

Even among idols, Bobby of iKON has one of the most distinctive and awesome fashion senses around, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since he’s already mastered a black nail-polish look!

BTS’s J-Hope

When BTS revealed their second comeback trailer, “Outro: Ego,” for Map of the Soul: 7, J-Hope got his nails done to match the idea! With ‘hope’ on one finger, a smiley face on another, and ‘ego’ written in capital letters on his left hand, J-Hope’s nail art was flawless.


Another K-pop idol who has worn black nail polish many times throughout his career is I.M of MONSTA X. Why? ’cause he didn’t want the filth beneath his nails visible!

BTOB’s Peniel

Peniel from ‘BtoB’ has had his nails manicured for various promotions in the past, but one of his most renowned sets was during the conclusion of Kingdom: Legendary War!

EXO’s Sehun

The sunlight highlighted EXO’s Sehun, making him seem stunning, as well as emphasizing the outstanding line designs on his nails!

How Can You Achieve The Aurora Nails Effect At Home?

You may try it at home, but unless you’re a nail art pro specialist, it’s an advanced style to choose. There are several YouTube tutorials that will walk you through the process, although they note that you’ll need to purchase your chromes and foils first. Because these designs require expert nail products to achieve, it would be a significant investment and a learning curve. It is not impossible, but it might get pricey. The most difficult aspect will undoubtedly be laying the foil or Mylar, so expect to need some practice.

To produce your own aurora nails, Totty recommends filing and prepping your nails before applying a gel base coat. After that, apply two coats of gel in white or pastel nail colors and let them dry. Then use a gel top coat and cure it for 30 seconds before rubbing your white chrome nail powder over it with a silicone tool or eyeshadow applicator. You might call it quits after another cured topcoat or make an attempt at encapsulating something metallic with clear liquid builder gel.

Top South Korean Brands Nail Polish

Top Pick 💖

3CE Mood Recipe Long Lasting Nail Lacquer

Are you looking for high-quality nail lacquer to give your nails a lasting gloss? Look no further than 3CE’s Mood Recipe Long Lasting Nail Lacquer. This vibrant lacquer has a high color payoff and will leave your nails looking fabulous. Plus, it’s easy to apply and comes in various colors. So whether you’re looking for a bold statement or a more subtle look, you will find the perfect shade with 3CE. Finish off your nails with a top coat for an extra bit of shine, and you’ll be good to go!

Top Pick 💖

Rom&nd Mood Pebble Nail

Paint your nails with one of 17 glossy colors from Rom&nd’s Mood Pebble Nail collection, and you’ll have long-lasting shine without having to top it off with a shiny top coat. It only takes 3 minutes to dry, so you can easily apply a few layers to build up the color intensity. Plus, the clarity and transparency of the polish won’t change after multiple layers, so you can always get that perfect finish. Add a few strokes of #11 Matte Top Coat for a matte look over any other color.

Top Pick 💖

JINsoon Fab Nail Polish

A high-quality and long-lasting nail polish? Look no further than JINsoon Fab Nail Polish! This polish is not only long-lasting but also has a UV filter to protect against fading or yellowing of color. Plus, the sequins are in four shades of color, so you can always find the perfect shade to match your outfit. With a variety of colors to choose from, JINsoon has the perfect nail polish for any occasion.

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